Rise Up Like A River: Pre-order Nick's debut album

Aug 3, 2016 • Nick Payne

I’ve finished my album! It officially is available September 1, but you can get your hands on it early.

Recorded over a two year period Rise Up Like A River has been a labour of love and I’m really proud of what I’ve created.

The album was features twelve songs across two “sides” recorded with two bands, plus a few others. Side A features five songs played with current and former members of The Wildes, and recorded in a friend’s art studio in Melbourne. Side B features the Dear Orphans band.

Side A is named “Salvation Jane” and all it’s songs are set in the present. Side B is named “Paterson’s Curse” and these songs are set in the past. The instrumentation of each side matches the time the songs are set – hence the two bands. Each song on a side pairs up with the same numbered song on the other side and has a matching theme, being – hardship, revenge, death, happiness, loss, and salvation.

Pre-order now

To pre-order the album visit my page on the Pozible website — pozible.com/project/pre-order-nick-paynes-new-album — where you can choose to pre-order just the album, or the album plus other stuff. Pre-orders are open until midnight on Monday August 22. The album will be dispatched the next day so you’ll have it that week.

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform that is “all or nothing”. That means, that I need enough pre-orders to reach a target of $2,500. If I don’t receive enough pre-orders then I don’t receive any money.

So please go ahead and grab a copy now.

Pre-order Nick's album

Many thanks. Nick.

P.S. If you know others who enjoy good music then please share this link with them – pozible.com/project/pre-order-nick-paynes-new-album.

Rise Up Like A River: Tracklist

Side A: Salvation Jane

  1. White Line Fever – a trucker’s song
  2. Enemy – revenge in the suburbs
  3. The Last Bend – car crash regret
  4. Queensland – road trip
  5. My Darling Kate (Feat. Katie Brianna) – break up song
  6. Salvation Jane – driving through the Snowy Mountains

Side B: Paterson’s Curse

  1. Old Sydney Town – convict life
  2. Rising River – spaghetti western
  3. Never Had a Sweetheart – sea shanty
  4. Home Town – visiting the place you grew up
  5. A Shipwrecked’s Lament – drowning at sea
  6. Peace Tonight (Feat. Megan Cooper) – an old-timer buries his missus

The Bands

Side A band

Lachlan Bryan: Yamaha CP70 electric piano
Andrew Wrigglesworth: twangy Telecaster electric guitar
Shaun Ryan: electric bass
Damian Cafarella: drums

Plus appearances from:

Jy-Perry Banks: pedal steel on White Line Fever
Lyn Taylor: backing vocals on White Line Fever, Queensland, and Salvation Jane
Jolyon Gray: backing vocals on White Line Fever, The Last Bend, Queensland, and Salvation Jane
Michael Carpenter: hammond organ on The Last Bend
Aaron Langman: pedal steel on The Last Bend
Kath Morrison: trumpet on Queensland
Martin Taylor: trombone on Queensland
Katie Brianna: vocals on My Darling Kate
Kelly Elia & Jackie McCaughan: violins on Salvation Jane
Ella Jamieson: cello on Salvation Jane

Side B band

Carlyn Chen: fiddle
Jolyon Gray: backing vocals, mandolin, wurlitzer
Lyn Taylor: backing vocals
Paul Sun: double bass

Plus appearances from:

Jenny Shimmin: banjo on Old Sydney Town
Katie Barker: backing vocals on Old Sydney Town
Michael Roberts (AKA Mickey Blue Eyes): Poorly tuned upright piano on Rising River, piano accordion on Never Had A Sweetheart
Oscar Henfrey: snare on Rising River, drums on A Shipwrecked’s Lament
Richard Galluzzi: clawhammer banjo on Never Had A Sweetheart
Katie Brianna: backing vocals on Never Had A Sweetheart
Anna McInerney: fiddle on A Shipwrecked’s Lament
Ben Hurley: uilleann pipes on A Shipwrecked’s Lament
Ben Thomas: clawhammer banjo on Peace Tonight
Megan Cooper: vocals on Peace Tonight


Produced by: Nick Payne, Lyn Taylor
Mixed and masetered by: Glenn Santry – Heartbeat Studios

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