Nick’s solo album blog #10: Mixing Rising River

May 2, 2015 • Nick Payne

There’s a lot that goes into a great sounding recording – good songs, great performances, good recording gear, etc,. But what happens in mixing that brings that all together to create an unforgettable sound?

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Nick's solo album blog #9: Progress, keeping things moving and the first video clip

Mar 16, 2015 • Nick Payne

Recording an album of twelve tracks is a big deal. Whilst it can be frustrating trying to coordinate so many people, the rewards are gratifying.

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Nick's solo album blog #8: Introducing... Old Sydney Town

Dec 14, 2014 • Nick Payne

The first single off my upcoming debut solo album is done! And you can download it now.

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Hell's Half Acre: An interview with Gretta Ziller

Oct 26, 2014 • Nick Payne

In a few weeks we return to one of our musical homes at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta for a one-off Orphanage Session. In anticipation I asked our feature guest Gretta Ziller some questions.

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Nick's solo album blog #7: Releasing new music at the speed of the internet

Sep 28, 2014 • Nick Payne

At the end of March I announced I was recording a solo album this year - so where the hell is it?

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